Everything is coming up 17 for Q

Mark September 17 down. There’s that 17 again. What number is the letter Q?

Today was the MOAB of drops as we finally get the Carter Page FISA documents declas-sified. But that was the tip of the iceberg.

As a result of the FISA release we also get Attorney General Sessions back on the case as he contacts the Supreme Court Justice Roberts that he no longer has the need to recuse himself from the Russian collusion case since there is no case against the president of his administration.

It is also revealed that Senate Democrats would look the other way on Supreme Court designate Brett Kavanaugh if the White House did not release the FISA application.

This is not a game, Kavanaugh will pass the Senate despite their mock protestations.

And so the panic has set in in DC: Lynch talking. Bad news for both Clintons with the Phoenix runway meeting and the quid pro quo. Bad news for Obama and all those daily intelligence briefings he received about spying on president-elect based on the fraudulent intelligence of the Dossier, which he was fully aware of.

Goodbye Rod Rosenstein
Goodbye Robert Mueller

Goodbye midterms,

Good Night!
Good night


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