What happen with the YouTube outage

Working off the premise I wrote about twice yesterday, that Hatch Act has muzzled most executive branch advisors during the run up to the midterm elections.

The irony is that we did not hear about the Hatch Act during the 2016 Presidential election as it dealt with the fictitious Russian collusion propaganda. Under the act CIA, FBI and the Office of Special Counsel have greater constraints than other executive branch agencies when it comes to pre-election activities.

So working under the premise that we have more than we know, the April 6th drop told of problems with the Internet and social media sites over a released image. Last night YouTube went down for over two hours in my area.

Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal attire.
One of many.
Net shut down.
Fake pic push by MSM.
Videos / backup.
Google kill.
YouTube kill. [my bold]
FB kill.
Twitter kill.
Yahoo kill.
Bing kill.
Instagram kill.
Net will be paused.
On the clock.

Not sure what was purged from the service or if it was hacked, but according to reliable news reports the outage was global, which I would think was probably a controlled take down from the inside. Makes sense that an exterior hack would not be able to effect global operations.

The April 6th drop spoke of a much wider outage of many different Internet sites, so let’s keep an eye on Facebook, Google search, Twitter and other social media sites to determine the reach of this drop.

Let’s also see on Wednesday who in the administration will speak up on the topic of Russian collusion and FISA investigation.

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