This Caravan has little to do with helping Hondurans

So we have a “Caravan” moving north from Honduras through Guatemala making their way towards Mexico’s southern border. By some estimates the march is roughly 4,000 strong.

In the words of some participants they heard about the caravan from flyers being distributed in the capital, Tegucigalpa, Honduras in early September.

Who would be organizing an operation that was scheduled to violate the national sovereignty of three nations with a march across borders of illegal immigrants?

Who would have the audacity to believe that they have enough influence in the different Central American governments to allow this caravan to violate Guatemalan and Mexican sovereignty in order to embarrass an American president just before the midterm elections.

Who has the contacts and connections to ensure the media in the US took up the cause of these people. To portray them as martyrs and freedom-seeking refugees on a mission or pilgrimage to seek a better life?

One organization comes to mind for the financial backing and the pulling of political strings: the Open Society Foundation run by George Soros.

This caravan has nothing to do with the plight of the people, they are unwitting pawns in an operation meant to cloud the immigration issue at a time when the country is going to the polls.

It was also organized — in early September with the distribution of flyers — when Democrats here in the US believed they may be facing a whole horde of charges relating to rigging the 2016 presidential election and needed a crisis to change the narrative.

With that in mind, we will either see a showdown at Mexico’s southern border or through manipulation by the UN refugee program they will be allowed to cross and somehow continue their sojourn north to the US border.

Don’t be surprised if the latter happens. There is a much bigger agenda here than helping poor and sick Hondurans.

The left would like nothing better than have the optics two days before the midterms of President Trump calling out the military to defend the southern border against this invasion.

That’s the plan and the left is sticking to it.

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