Military operation in downtown LA hours after Trump’s SOTU human trafficking comments

Hours after President Trump gave his historic State Of The Union speech on Tuesday night an unnerving video popped up on the Web showing military helicopters descending on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

The military operation was conducted by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, more widely known as the Night Stalkers using quartet of MH-6 Little Birds helicopter and military troops operating in front of an office building that houses a Guatemalan aid organization.

In this video we see military helicopters flying down Wilshire Blvd. landing briefly to pick up troops carrying what appear to be boxes and flying away. The operation shows the tight windows each of these helicopters need to navigate to land and take off before the next copter comes in to pick up more military personnel.

There is information that this was a military training exercise, which would make sense since it would be nearly impossible to pull off this type of operation without wide social media coverage in downtown LA.

However the timing and location of this operation is curious since it comes so soon after President Trump spoke about the humanitarian horrors on the southern border with human sex trafficking and gang-related drug smuggling.

During the speech the president also spoke about the new caravans coming up from Honduras and Guatemala, which may play into why this location of a Guatemalan aid organization was chosen.

More information when it is available.


The term caravan dodges the real definition of invaders

Why are these Central Americans marching north towards the US border called a caravan?

Caravan (noun): a company of travelers on a journey through desert or hostile regions by Merriam Webster.

So when the liberal media uses the term Caravan they are saying by definition these people have right on their side. They are not the hostile force, they are the victims traveling through hostile territory.

However, if you called them an invading force, which is a better definition, since they wish to cross the border illegally, the caravan would not be able to garner the sympathy of the Left.

As I wrote over the weekend, who is funding this caravan’s sojourn across Central American, providing supplies, aid and comfort to these people?

Now of course these people, who are pawns in this operation, are supposed to show up at the border in time to have the Trump administration react with a response that will have an impact on the midterm elections.

But let’s do a little math here.

If the caravan is presently near Tapachula, Mexico, heading toward the Arizona border. That puts them 2,020 miles away. That would calculate that they are 66 days away if they are walking, according to Google maps. That means they will not be at the border until Christmas at the earliest, if they walked 10 hours a day.

So, how will it be explained that there is a horde of “immigrants” at the border the Saturday before Election Day to give the organizers espousing a world without borders the optics they desire to effect the election?

I know people who have legally come from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and are making a go of it here in America. They did not come to America in a marauding horde, wishing to cross the border en mass.

To conclude, this is not a xenophobic rant, this is about American sovereignty and the right to defend our borders, unlike what the Open Society Foundation members are doing to Europe.

Who’s funding the supply lines in Honduran invasion

===================== SPECIAL SUNDAY POST ========================

I’m not one to look at the Honduran immigrant march as a¬†humanitarian effort, simply due to the timing.

I’ve written previously on this as an effort by liberal left to show up the Trump Administration¬† and its stand on illegal immigration just in time for the midterms. Having military on our border to repel this invading force.

And that’s how I see it — an invading force. To that end I would like to see reports on the supply lines providing aid to these people. The flatbed trucks moving them north to get them to the Mexican border before the election. The food that is being provided through NGO outfits with ties to the UN and globalist thinking.

We have seen videos of “refugees” receiving money from Aid workers during the march. There are certainly many photos of Honduran and Guatemalan people on flatbed trucks in order to make better time.

It does not help that we have a lame-duck voice at the UN, more concerned with her own legacy that calling out those aiding and abetting this invasion.

This world without borders idea began in Europe almost a decade ago and now they have their sights set on America.

This is not a xenophobic essay, surely in there are Hondurans wanting to come to the US get in line and come through the open-door policy that is in place.

No this is an essay on the forces behind these efforts to rig an election again with bombastic headlines of the worlds greatest army standing at the border keeping poor refugees out with brute force.

The people behind this effort are hoping for blood shed or a capitulation by Trump. Either way they believe they win.

However the real loser in the long-term will be America, since we will lose or sovereignty and our ability to defend our borders.

This Caravan has little to do with helping Hondurans

So we have a “Caravan” moving north from Honduras through Guatemala making their way towards Mexico’s southern border. By some estimates the march is roughly 4,000 strong.

In the words of some participants they heard about the caravan from flyers being distributed in the capital, Tegucigalpa, Honduras in early September.

Who would be organizing an operation that was scheduled to violate the national sovereignty of three nations with a march across borders of illegal immigrants?

Who would have the audacity to believe that they have enough influence in the different Central American governments to allow this caravan to violate Guatemalan and Mexican sovereignty in order to embarrass an American president just before the midterm elections.

Who has the contacts and connections to ensure the media in the US took up the cause of these people. To portray them as martyrs and freedom-seeking refugees on a mission or pilgrimage to seek a better life?

One organization comes to mind for the financial backing and the pulling of political strings: the Open Society Foundation run by George Soros.

This caravan has nothing to do with the plight of the people, they are unwitting pawns in an operation meant to cloud the immigration issue at a time when the country is going to the polls.

It was also organized — in early September with the distribution of flyers — when Democrats here in the US believed they may be facing a whole horde of charges relating to rigging the 2016 presidential election and needed a crisis to change the narrative.

With that in mind, we will either see a showdown at Mexico’s southern border or through manipulation by the UN refugee program they will be allowed to cross and somehow continue their sojourn north to the US border.

Don’t be surprised if the latter happens. There is a much bigger agenda here than helping poor and sick Hondurans.

The left would like nothing better than have the optics two days before the midterms of President Trump calling out the military to defend the southern border against this invasion.

That’s the plan and the left is sticking to it.