Looking forward to 11/11

It’s looking like my original premise of why the Trump White House has quieted the rhetoric around the FISA document releases and the news of a vast fraudulent campaign by the Obama administration to aid Hillary Clinton in her run for the presidency will have to wait until after the midterm election.

Whether this has to do with compliance with the Hatch Act is open to debate, however it should be noted that 11/11/18 has been cited numerous times as a very important date.

Veteran’s Day this year was supposed to be Trump’s military parade to honor all those who served along with active duty servicemen and woman. The cost of such a parade was deemed too high and the fight for funding too arduous at the time. Especially with the Congressional battle to get The Wall funded happening at the same time.

Despite that setback, we are told on April 21, 2018 through the drops that 11/11 will:


And on March 8, 2018 that the Iran talks:

Resolved by 11-11.

It also appears that on May 13, 2018 the resolution to wait until after the midterms to drop the indictment news was already decided.

What must happen pre 11.11?
11.11 provided as strategic marker.
Post midterms.
RED wave coming?

So two and half weeks from now we could be looking at a very different political landscape as we come out of the midterm elections. Another proof may come with the House and Senate results tipping further into Republican control.

As I said earlier it, will be a quiet two weeks or so from the White House, but after the election then the fireworks could begin in earnest leading up to a Sunday Surprise.


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