Preparing for huge Veterans Day announcement

This weekend we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice Day marking the signing of the treaty ending WWI. It later became a national holiday renamed Veteran’s Day.

President Trump will be in Paris with other world leaders to mark the end of the war in Europe, which left 40 million people dead or injured during the four years of conflict.

President Trump will meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin over the weekend. The agenda for the meeting has not been released, but according to leaks there could be a big news event coming from their meeting.

I have no further hard information, but I’m giving you a heads up for the possibility of big news breaking over the weekend.

If I were to wager a guess, could Trump and Putin sign some non-aggression pact between the two countries. The reason I believe this could be on the table is President Trump’s desire to get rid of NATO.

If the US and Russia pledge to work towards mutual cooperation, then there is no need for NATO and its bloated budgets and funding obligations.

Should this be the case, it would follow that Russia would also sign a peace pact with the European Union.

What better way to honor the war dead, than to say definitely that there will be no more war between the two superpowers. It would be glorious.