Will global peace break out on 11/11?

So what can we expect on Nov. 11th, Veteran’s Day a wonderful day?

[Days Prior]
What a wonderful day!

As I wrote more than a week ago, The White House insiders should be back with communications and drops after the midterm elections. I also believe if this happens it will be further proof for the premise that Q-Anon is part of the administration.

Both President Trump  and Russian leader Putin are scheduled to be in Paris on Nov. 11 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I.

Trump has suggested he will “probably” meet with the Russian leader.

Earlier drops have suggested that the President would not be in the White House when a major announcement is made. I have tried to search the drops, but can seem to find the exact language.

Personally, I’m rooting for the FISA declassified documents to be released, but that’s wishful thinking perhaps.

What about a Russian/US peace allegiance that decimates the President’s biggest pain in the arse NATO? This would save each county trillions of dollars over the next decade alone and fund the wall, tax cuts and the space force. The announcement would also be in keeping with celebrating the armistice.

It would also decimate the left’s “Russia is Evil” mantra and open the door to getting the real information on the Dossier out in due time.

We may get some cryptic information drops once the midterms are done — as I said in earlier posts — to be compliant with the Hatch Act.

Enjoy The Show.


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