Thoughts and prayers for the Pittsburgh congregation

How contorted can the liberal media’s stance be on the tragic shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend to attempt to lay blame at the White House?

Alleging that President Trump’s taking on globalists policies through trade and immigration initiatives gives troubled Americans a pass to commit anti-semitic acts, is tortured in the simplest terms. Suggesting that the President calling out “fake news” gives mentally ill people a reason to act out against Jewish institutions is a highly specious argument as well.

I would never say that the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut was a direct response to Democrats wanting to curtail Second Amendment gun laws. However, if you crane your neck enough, some zealots could make an incomplete argument for that premise.

Christian churches have also been victimized by atrocious act of violence without laying blame on the state. When hate is the primary motivating factor in any act, then the end result more than likely cannot be understood by most people.

No, some atrocities cannot be explained using the simple bifurcation of political thought between left or right.

The human brain is capable of great accomplishments, but when it malfunctions, it can also be able to conceive the most horrific acts.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh.

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