Why did the Flynn hearing go off the rails?

Why are mundane federal judicial proceedings taking on such strange behaviors?

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s sentencing for allegedly lying to FBI investigators is taking more than a year to mete out the punishment.

So during Tuesday’s sentencing hearing Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan accused Flynn of treason. Sullivan told the former national security advisor “arguably you sold your country out.”

However, the treason charge was never brought up during his plea deal with federal prosecutors.  In fact federal prosecutors were recommending no jail time for his cooperation in other cases.

So where did Sullivan come up with this charge? We’ll we may never know because after a recess, Sullivan came back into the court and apologized to Flynn for making the suggestion of betraying his country and gave a new three-month delay from sentencing.

How does a seasoned federal judge go off the rails like that at a mundane, pre-arranged sentencing hearing where a further delay was to be ordered?

This is strange behavior in a long line of strange incidents of events dealing with FBI and DOJ and the events surrounding the 2016 presidential election cycle.

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