Short takes on Flynn, Biden, NYSE opening

In one of the strangest judicial stories I have seen, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, who presides over the Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s trial, has hired a attorney.

US District Court judge Sullivan lawyered up with DC high-profile attorney Beth Wilkinson to represent him in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals hearing on why Sullivan will not drop the case against Flynn after the DOJ requested the charges be dismissed.

This unprecedented move by Sullivan, which appears to be a stall tactic since he cannot play judge, prosecutor and jury in the trial, should resolve itself shortly after June 1 when his filing is due to the appeals court.

Sullivan had gone so far afield of the justice system that despite the DOJ declining prosecution the judge solicited amicus brief filings on why the trial should go ahead.

Perhaps the pending indictments of the FBI staff who interviewed then-National Security Advisor Flynn in the White House would discourage Sullivan?

Nah, that is what he is trying to avoid in my opinion,

Quick question. Did anyone see video of President Trump and his wife Melania laying a wreath at Fort McHenry on Memorial Day?

I did not. But there was plenty of video and photos of ex-veep Joe Biden and his wife doing the same.

It’s a microcosm of the political coverage by left-leaning journalist.

Of course it was the first time we saw Biden in public in many weeks but since he was wearing a mask and since it was a solemn event there would be no questions just a photo-op.

Floor trading on the New York Stock Exchange is poised to open Tuesday morning.

Traders will be separated by plexiglass with masks and the numbers will be less than normal — if there is a normal as jobs have been lost for years.

As I have written numerous times the NYSE trading floor is equal parts capitalism’s window and a TV studio as the vast majority of equity trades are done outside NYSE floor.