Donna Brazile’s bizarre tweet on Trump’s and Pence’s health

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. holiday everyone.

What exactly did this tweet mean by former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile on Friday afternoon:

This tweet came soon after President Trump canceled Pelosi’s oversea trip over the use of government planes during the shutdown.

President Pelosi in this context sounds very imminent.

Now of course Pelosi as Speaker of the House is second in line after Vice President Mike Pence to succeed the president, which is certainly more shortly than waiting until 2020. But Pelosi has not and probably will not run for that office. She is now 78 years old and has a very comfortable life.

So again I ask, what was Brazile talking about? She is very politically suave and would not make that remark in jest as a response to President Trump’s grounding of Pelosi’s jet.

Scrolling through the comments an overarching theme conveyed that perhaps the Secret Service should have a chat with Ms. Brazile.

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