Amazon’s Bezos charges National Enquirer owner Pecker with extortion and blackmail

So what happens when the richest man in the world decides to re-live his teenage years only this time with cash?

You get Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos making headlines for sending “d-ck pics” to his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez and she sending “a photograph of her smoking a cigar in what appears to be a simulated oral sex scene.”

Now how do we know all this? Well the National Enquirer had all these images and more as part of their story from two weeks ago on the philandering CEO.

However according to a Bezos post on the blog site Medium, the National Enquirer and its owner David Pecker threaten to release more compromising images if Bezos didn’t cease investigating the magazine over its ties to silencing women making accusations against President Trump.

Quite a tale of “extortion and blackmail” Bezos lays out against Pecker and the National Enquirer with internal memos from lawyers working for National Enquirer parent company AMI, which is run by Pecker.

So you have Pecker, “d-ck pics” and simulated oral sex scene all on display, but not at the supermarket checkout stand, but more likely in a federal court house sometime soon.

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