Military operation in downtown LA hours after Trump’s SOTU human trafficking comments

Hours after President Trump gave his historic State Of The Union speech on Tuesday night an unnerving video popped up on the Web showing military helicopters descending on the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

The military operation was conducted by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, more widely known as the Night Stalkers using quartet of MH-6 Little Birds helicopter and military troops operating in front of an office building that houses a Guatemalan aid organization.

In this video we see military helicopters flying down Wilshire Blvd. landing briefly to pick up troops carrying what appear to be boxes and flying away. The operation shows the tight windows each of these helicopters need to navigate to land and take off before the next copter comes in to pick up more military personnel.

There is information that this was a military training exercise, which would make sense since it would be nearly impossible to pull off this type of operation without wide social media coverage in downtown LA.

However the timing and location of this operation is curious since it comes so soon after President Trump spoke about the humanitarian horrors on the southern border with human sex trafficking and gang-related drug smuggling.

During the speech the president also spoke about the new caravans coming up from Honduras and Guatemala, which may play into why this location of a Guatemalan aid organization was chosen.

More information when it is available.

2 thoughts on “Military operation in downtown LA hours after Trump’s SOTU human trafficking comments

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