A day in the life

Sitting here on a chilly Sunday in February, thinking about what I am and was and will be.

Such changes come with time, however I need to appreciate what was while moving forward to something new and perhaps exciting.

But for right now I need to be and see what will become of the second, er third act.

I know being comfortable in my own skin is paramount to my outlook, but I also believe I need other skin to be comfortable too.

My life at this moment is steeped in reflection with wonder of what my legacy would be. I’m not into revisionist history but I feel when the assessment is made I will grade out fairly well.

The new path forward will be one of starting from scratch with new adventures with people who have no perspective of the accomplishments or pratfalls of the past.

A clean slate upon which to write their own comments or opt out and not leave a trace. Many not realizing that this slate once held the highly complicated formula of a previous life.

That’s what today has brought for me. I not sure if this will ever get posted, but it’s what has to be put on “paper” for me to move on.

I appreciate you taking the time to view this personal post. I will be back tomorrow with a far more conventional post.

1 thought on “A day in the life

  1. Thanks for the “thoughtful” post! One does hope that one’s time spent in this huge Video Game called “LIFE” has had some positive outcome to it!! As Bob Dean said, “We are living in a hologram.” What fun the Operators of this particular Video Game must be having!! 😉

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