Trump TV coming soon to the web?

Is Trump TV about to come to the web?

I wrote last year about plans within the White House to create an alternative communications channels for the president to communicate directly with the American people.

The idea, perhaps led by Assistant White House Communication Director Bill Shine, will be channels to keep information flowing should news sites “go down” because of censorship of narratives, hacks or maintenance needs.

It appears that upcoming news releases connected to the 2016 presidential campaign could be the trigger for this perceived black out of news sites.

Shine formerly ran Fox News after his ex-boss Roger Ailes left the network.

The new system could look to utilize the new mobile-phone Emergency Alert System that was tested last year. It could also include a new White Housecontrolled real-time news website and lastly a White Housecontrolled video streaming platform.

While it certainly sounds like state-run media, it will be labeled as a public utility to get around existing regulations.

So suffice it to say this tact by the White House to get out its narrative has been thought through from start to finish.

My immediate hope is that Trump TV never comes to being implemented, since that would mean far greater divisive ramifications for the country have already happen to warrant the move.

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