Gray’s Economy being shadow banned by Twitter

Well it appears Gray’s Economy has joined the long list of sites shadow banned by Twitter.

Late last week I noticed traffic to the site from Twitter had dropped off a cliff. The numbers were startling and shows the power of distribution that CEO Jack Dorsey holds over many small publishers.

On an average day Gray’s Economy could get around 5,000 hits from Twitter. Yesterday’s post had THREE hits from Twitter. That’s how effective the shadow ban is.

Now for those not aware of what shadow banning is, here’s a definition:

Shadow banning essentially means that a user of Twitter or any other online forum is not actually banned outright. Instead, all of their posts are made only visible to themselves. For example, if a Twitter user was shadow banned, they would still be able to see their tweets but no one else would.

I am putting this notice out there on the small chance that some of my readers, who do not follow the site are informed of the ban and somehow comeback as followers to be notified of new daily postings.

I will try to get around this ban by creating a different Twitter channel, but the followers accumulated over time are more than likely lost for the short term.

Thank you for indulging me with this rant, simply because if blogs like mine, which are not inflammatory, can be banned, then we need to look into making these social media sites more accountable for their actions.

Does that mean Twitter, Facebook and the like need to be regulated like a utility such as the phone company? Perhaps. No one loses the right to have a phone, because of what they say.

2 thoughts on “Gray’s Economy being shadow banned by Twitter

  1. Thanks for letting us know, Michael!! How true…..”No one loses the right to have a phone because of what they say!! RIGHT ON!!! Guess we have to assume you are “over the Target”!!! 😉


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