The Obama White House excuses are piling up

So Tuesday I wrote how ex-Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified before House intelligence committee that she did not recall being involved in the Carter Page FISA spying application.

On Wednesday morning we get story that former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper states ‘I Didn’t Lie’ to Congress About NSA Surveillance, I ‘Simply Didn’t Understand’ the Question.

Are you seeing a growing pattern of Obama White House personnel getting their alibis out into the public ahead of any federal charges being brought out.

Also this week we have Rep Jerry Nadler (D-NY) Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee sending letters to 81 individuals and groups associated with President Trump, demanding documents be turned over to the committee.

In US you pursue a crime and look for suspects, not have a suspect and look for crimes. The President is certainly within his rights to call this a “witch hunt”.

But how else can the Democrats keep the President on the defensive since the Mueller probe will come back with no evidence or proof that the President colluded with the Russians.

I can’t wait for ex-Obama CIA Director John Brennan to be the next official to come out with an excuse of why he was working with Australia, New Zealand, Canada and British spies surveillance of then-president-elect of the US after the 2016 election.

1 thought on “The Obama White House excuses are piling up

  1. Right on, Michael!!! All these people have been living in a false ‘reality’. It does seem like it takes a very long time for things to “catch up with them”!! I have been watching a 90’s documentary on NYC & the parallels between Boss Tweed & what has been going on during our lifetime are astounding!!! The mentality that it’s o.k. to “get away with” whatever we can get away with is a system which totally lacks Integrity.

    By the way, Boss Tweed fled to Spain, but was recognized because of Thomas Nasts’ cartoons(think memes!) & ended up in jail. It is mindblowing how so many people have been getting a Free Ride for so many years & feel it was their ‘right’ to do so.

    Dave Hodges wrote about The Purge…..I found it interesting that Dr. Katherine Horton talks about the same thing & refers to a painting in the U.K. that shows rivers of blood flowing out the The Tower. The two World Wars were quite a “purge”…..what will the next one look like???

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