More Facebook revelations on connections to intelligence community

We are told in the drops that there is plenty of more information on Facebook and its tight connection to the US intelligence community.

Thursday I wrote on the transfer of resources from DARPA to Facebook on the same day in 2004 and the sexy back story created for the social network.

I believe the name Paul Ceglia will come up in the upcoming drops. Ceglia sued Zuckerberg over an alleged majority stake in Facebook. The case is baffling with Ceglia being arrested by federal agents and charged him with fabricating evidence in relation to his suit against Zuckerberg. He fled to Ecuador and was rearrested in 2018 and is awaiting extradition.

The whole case sounded at the time to be so strange and was dismissed by most media as the rantings of a lunatic. But in light of the drops coming I believe Ceglia will play a role.

In August 2018 President Trump tweeted:

“Google has taken advantage of a lot of people…if you look at what is going on at Twitter, look at what is going on in Facebook, they better be careful..Google and Twitter and Facebook, they’re really treading on troubled territory”

Perhaps we will also learn more about the troubled territory as well.


2 thoughts on “More Facebook revelations on connections to intelligence community

  1. Thanks, Michael…..had never heard of Ceglia!! But I have heard of Michael McKibben who, apparently, had his work stolen as well. Many would be aware of AIM4Truth’s videos.

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