Abolishing Electorial College is a red herring

Democrats are rallying around the idea again that the Electorial College should be abolished.

The left knows that since they have congregated on both coasts and have a growing problem of winning a presidential election since the republicans control enough states to counteract democrats votes in the Electorial College.

This is why we see initiatives to allow illegal aliens the right to vote on the southern border in order to perhaps flip an Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada to solid blue for presidential elections.

What many democrats don’t understand is that the problem they have with the Electorial College is the reason we can’t get rid of it. It requires an amendment to the US Constitution, which they do not have enough votes to change.

To amend the Constitution it requires 35 states to ratify the amendment as well as 2/3rd of the votes in both houses of Congress. Democrats do not control that many states right now to force the change.

Also smaller states and most red states would never want to make the change and marginalized their importance in the national vote. But don’t tell the left that. Let them spin their wheels in the sand.

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