Barr brings the goods to press conference

Attorney General Bill Barr reiterated with further details that there was no collusion or obstruction of justice.

While Democrats across DC labored arguments over whether Barr should even be holding the press conference before the release. Also crowing about Barr showing the Mueller Report to White House counsel.

Both of Barr’s actions were lawful and above-board by precedent.

Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler picking up on Barr stating he would be okay with Special Counsel Robert Mueller testifying before Congress, has requested that Mueller show up before May 24.

Now it appears the real Democratic caterwauling will start soon after its 11AM release over what Barr referenced of 10 circumstances where there was gray area regarding obstruction.

To shutdown that argument is very simple. Since there was no collusion then there was no crime, so how can you obstruct justice in an investigation that had no crime.

A stance President Trump has taken from the start.

2 thoughts on “Barr brings the goods to press conference

  1. Illegally obtained FISA warrants which relied upon Russia disinformation funneled through Steel (paid for by opposition candidate) and still no sufficient predicate after nearly a year of investigation produced nothing! Special prosecutor appointed to look for a crime and/or create a process crime. The Special prosecutors investigation was illegal! How do obstruct an unlawful investigation!!!

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