Open letter on unity to President Biden

And so it begins. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn into office on Wednesday.

To my readers, unlike the liberals four years ago, I will not be spending my time saying, “He’s not my president.” I will not be putting on some pink hat and marching through the streets denouncing the pair.

No, I would like to see Biden succeed. I want America to succeed. I do not want to happen to Biden what President Trump had to endure for the last four years.

I will, of course, be the loyal opposition in matters of policy. I will be critiquing economic and social policies that I believe are wrong or misguided, but that’s not what liberals did to Trump.

The left did everything they could to take the steam out of the administration through spying, initiating a years-long special counsel probe and two impeachment trials.

So now there is the call for unity from Biden and the Democratic Party.

Sorry, this plea does not ring true to me. The wounds inflicted over the last four years cannot be healed overnight.

But as I said, I want America to succeed, but I do not believe the Democratic Party or its leadership want ALL Americans to do well and that’s unfortunate. On Wednesday, Biden signed executive orders that gave some Americans more opportunities than others. But more on that going forward.

President Biden, I wish you well and hope you were honest in your call for unity. If you want healing then a good first step would be to call off the sham impeachment of President Trump.

As I wrote earlier, Articles of Impeachment are neither a criminal nor civil trial. They are strictly political in nature with the only verdict being to remove a person from office. So if the defendant is no longer in that office, how is it constitutionally valid to hold a Senate trial?

Unity comes when both sides move towards the middle. Let’s see if Biden wants to move.