Barr tells Dems to pound sand

On Wednesday Attorney General William Barr sustained the slings and arrows of the Senate Democrats of the Judiciary Committee , who were calling him a liar and saying he should resign.

Even Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told reporters Barr had lost the confidence of the nation and should step away.

These Dems or Dims have no other case to make. For two years they have charged President Trump and his administration with colluding with the Russians and worse only to see the whole narrative blow up when their once Golden Boy, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, refute their narrative.

Barr during his confirmation hearing said he would not be bullied. While the Dims thought he was talking of his relationship with Trump, he showed this trait to the alt-left members of the Senate panel.

During his questioning on Wednesday Barr asked this rhetorical question, “How did we get to the point where the evidence is now that the president was falsely accused of colluding with the Russians, accused of being treasonous and accused of being a Russian agent, and the evidence now is that was without a basis?

“And two years of his administration have been dominated by allegations that have now been proven false. But to listen to some of the rhetoric, you would think the Mueller report had found the opposite,” Barr continued.

And now the crux of the whole mess is that the Obama administration was guilty of spying on Americans — including the President-elect and the Hillary Clinton campaign was working with the Ukrainians to subvert the 2016 election.

You can’t make this up. The hypocrisy of the whole plan.

So after a day of grueling, inane questions, Barr told the House Judiciary Committee members he would not be showing up on Thursday to testify. Who could blame him?

1 thought on “Barr tells Dems to pound sand

  1. All this leads to the question of exactly WHY would men of integrity WANT to be in public office as they seem to be surrounded by school children who choose NOT to think logically?!!! Can’t remember where I read this recently but it does seem true…..any hierarchy will eventually be top heavy with psychopaths!! If one has lived one’s life within a circle of psychopaths, then that state of being would seem “natural” to one….would it not?!! 😉


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