Markets treading water awaiting Powell’s decision

Monday was the unveiling of Gray’s Economy 2.0. I put up 5 posts instead of the normal one in the morning.

This will be the future of this site. To get you breaking news that you may not see on the mainstream sites until the next morning, if at all.

My biggest story yesterday was how President Trump beat Boeing to the branding question by two months. Here’s the link if you missed it.

Please if you like what you see subscribe to the site and retweet and share the posts. I’m being honest here, I need the traffic. I thank you and now on to day two.

Tuesday begins the Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting on rates.

Very mixed picture for Fed chief Jerome Powell and others to consider. Retailers are getting creamed again this quarter as consumers favor cardboard boxes over shopping carts.

Financials, including banks, can’t stomach a cut in rates with an already inverted bond market.

Monday’s trading — as an old friend who worked on the floor of the NY stock exchange used to say, “was hardly worth dirtying a clean shirt,” as stocks barely moved all day.

The alternatives, gold and bitcoin are catching a bid however. Gold is at #1,350 and BTC hit a high of 9,470 overnight. These movements indicate investors are looking for a rate cut coming Wednesday at 2pm.

I’ll have more on my thoughts on what the Fed will do later this morning.

Until then.

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