Did the FBI mislead candidate Trump on intel?

Trey Gowdy dropped a bomb on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday morning show yesterday/

Gowdy, the former Chair of the House Oversight Committee, in a brief statement alleged that in the run up to the 2016 presidential election the FBI was giving Republican nominee Donald Trump different briefings than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Here’s one, Maria, have you seen the disparate defensive briefings they gave candidate Clinton versus Candidate Trump? And has anyone asked the FBI to explain why they took entirely different tracks to those two debriefings? There’s a lot left to be seen by you and your viewers,” Gowdy said as they went to break.

The inference being that Trump’s team was getting inferior or perhaps wrong intelligence on many matters from FBI Director James Comey’s team, which could lead to bad communication from the Trump camp on national matters.

This is yet another example on how systemic the Obama intelligence staff’s bias or even worse outright hatred existed when dealing with the Trump campaign.

More to come on this.

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