Trump takes on Cuomo over ‘political witch hunt’

President Trump Tuesday afternoon lambasted NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and his Attorney General Letitia James with running a “political witch hunt” by peppering the Trump organization and his foundation with nuisance lawsuits over Twitter.

The president also brought up the fact that the former NYAG “Crooked Hillary’s Campaign Chair, A.G. Eric Schneiderman” never looked into the Clinton Foundation before he was “forced to resign for abuse against women.”

The president also chided Cuomo for his high state taxes in his tweet with, “No wonder people and businesses are fleeing New York in record numbers!”

1 thought on “Trump takes on Cuomo over ‘political witch hunt’

  1. You tell’em Mr. President!!! In this day & age “facts” do not seem to matter anymore…to our shame!! 😉


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