Wash Post radicalizes DC’s Fourth Of July celebration

I cannot believe the Alt-Left media is now weaponizing the Fourth Of July.

In an editorial the Washington Post condemns President Trump for politicizing the planned event on the National Mall.

“Administration officials say the celebration will be bigger and better than before, with more music and a longer fireworks display. But Americans shouldn’t be lured by the trappings or the spectacle or the rhetoric of Mr. Trump. Instead … they should claim the day for values embraced by the founders: freedom, tolerance and respect for all.”

How delusional can the Jeff Bezos-owned paper be?

The President speaking from the Lincoln Memorial to the nation on Independence Day is very appropriate given the division, which is espoused in this rhetoric. But not to the Editorial Board of the Washington Post.

“It was bad enough that Mr. Trump sought to make the holiday about himself with plans to deliver a nationally televised address from the Lincoln Memorial, thus eliminating what many consider the hands-down best spot in Washington for fellowship and fireworks on the Fourth of July. But Mr. Trump now plans to cordon off an area in front of the memorial reserved just for dignitaries, family and friends. Nothing about reserved seating says “We the people.”

Dear Lord how divided the Alt-Left want this country in the hopes they can eke out some small victory in 2020 by claiming everyday Trump awakes it’s a bad day for America.

Let’s hope that the paper’s misguided opinion does not push some radicals into terrorizing what should be a celebration of America.

2 thoughts on “Wash Post radicalizes DC’s Fourth Of July celebration

  1. Isn’t it logical to think that a U.S. President SHOULD preside at a Fourth Celebration?!?! DUH!!!
    What we are seeing is the results of the decades of Dumbing Down that our culture has gone through!!

    Dr. Joseph Farrell just did a great post on that…..even the dumbing down of our college & universities. By our silence we have given them “consent”….now we are having to fight back to make sure our Constitution is not nullified!! THAT is what makes us unique in the world!!! When do we start teaching THAT in grade schools again??? 😉

    The well-planned assault on our American Values has hit a Brick Wall…..we ARE winning!!!!(Whether you “believe” in Q, matters not!) We are not here to defend an ‘entity’…we are here to defend our Constitution!!

    HAPPY FOURTH!!!!!!


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