Trump speaks on Pence’s cancelled NH trip

Friday morning President Trump addressed why Vice President Mike Pence canceled a scheduled event in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

Mike Pence’s opioid event canceled because of ‘very interesting problem’ in New Hampshire, the president remarked to reporters before leaving the White House on Marine 1.

The problem was unrelated to the White House, President Trump told reporters on Friday. Trump declined to give further details, saying more information would be released in the coming weeks.

“You’ll know in about two weeks,” Trump said in response to a question on the vice president’s cancellation. “There was a very interesting problem that they had in New Hampshire that I can’t tell you about it. But it had nothing to do with White House. There was a problem up there, and I won’t go into what the problem was but you’ll see in about a week or two.”

According to reports in local New Hampshire papers, several people familiar with the reason behind the cancellation had to do with an issue at the Granite Recovery Center — where Pence was scheduled to speak — but did not give any details.

There were early reports on Tuesday of an active shooting on a military base across the state, but that turned out to be reported in error.

I would have to assume that there will be an announcement in “in about a week or two,” of a major terrorist cell operating in New Hampshire. But I’m not sure the president would even tip that off.

So for the mean time we will await word on what caused the cancellation that set off so much speculation.

1 thought on “Trump speaks on Pence’s cancelled NH trip

  1. There is ALWAYS so much more going on that we can even imagine!!! This “war” that we are living through is going on at many different levels! Just because we can’t “see” what’s going on, doesn’t mean it’s not happening!! 😉

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