A Yankee Doodle celebration

President Trump delivered a spectacular tribute to America for all Americans.

As I predicted the Independence Day address was free of any partisan politics, while honoring the military and American spirit and innovation.

Trump honored America’s history and heroes ranging from George Washington to Martin Luther King Jr. during the patriotic speech that was punctuated by rousing chants of “USA, USA!”

The military flyovers ranging from Air Force I to the B-2 Stealth bomber were awe-inspiring.

All in all the day demonstrated the grand political divide in the country, while Democrats chided Trump before the speech for politicizing the holiday, which was not true.

It was a great day to be an American. Happy CCXLIII Birthday, America!

1 thought on “A Yankee Doodle celebration

  1. YEEEEHAAAA!!!!! Since when is it wrong to appreciate the country one has been raised in??!!……unless, of course, one wants to see it fall apart from the inside!! I mean, WHO could want that???!!! 😉


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