How I called the Epstein scandal in 2016

When I started writing about Jeffery Epstein the weekend before the 2016 presidential election people looked at me as if I was a conspiracy theorists. As it turns out I was a conspiracy analyst.

Remember this is almost a full year before there were any drops from Q. What follows is an excerpt from my post on

It may sound extraordinary, but what about this presidential election is not extraordinary.

I believe the news this Sunday for the weekly morning political shows will be the biggest/worse news for the Clinton campaign.

I heard from two people in the know 8 months ago that Bill and Hillary Clinton’s relationship with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile network would be the keystone evidence to bring down the Democrat’s campaign.

Now many will tell me this scenario is absurd, and I probably agree with you, but I believe the Clinton campaign already has very reliable information that all these polls that have her leading are highly incorrect.

As I’ve written before, when the curtain closes on the election booth there is no one to know who you voted for as oppose to a pollster asking — perhaps a stilted question of who you will mark on your ballot.

So this is where we are right now. I will either look like a prophet or a nut job come Monday.

I do not often take victory laps, especially in light of the horrendous acts committed by Epstein and his bold face cohorts, however these posts and many more in the archives laid out years ago what the general public is only just waking up to today.

You’ll notice how I used the term “keystone” in reference to Epstein in this post.

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