Where is Epstein’s body?

I told you that the Jeffery Epstein autopsy results would be release late on Friday afternoon.

However, there was no press conference just a press release six days after the convicted child sex offender was found dead in his federal prison cell in lower Manhattan.

The Chief Medical Examiner for New York City did not address the leaked information on the broken hyoid bone in Epstein neck, which would not occur if he did allegedly lean forward to strangle himself.

Certainly the ME did not receive comprehensive toxicology reports after only six days so poisoning is still on the table.

And for all we know, with that determination of death and a certificate issued, Epstein’s body could have already been cremated, with the narrative being that he was Jewish and needed to be interred before sundown on Sunday.

Don’t be surprised if the news breaks later today the Epstein’s body was released to his brother Mark over the weekend and it was cremated.


2 thoughts on “Where is Epstein’s body?

  1. I would say they have to come up with SOME story as the man is probably still alive!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was quite surprised to hear the fine gentleman, Wayne Jett, say that same thing. His opinion is that he is in Gitmo. Others noticed very strange activity at a U.S. base in Germany!! The Public is never privy to The Truth of ANY situation, it would seem!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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