You really need to read Gray’s Economy if you want to know what the news will be in the future.

The NYC Medical Examiner’s office is set to announce this afternoon the final results of the Jeffery Epstein’s autopsy. Of course given the quickness of the determination it will be found to be a suicide.

On Thursday I wrote:

Since there is no collaboration to finger a strangulation the ME’s office will have to call it a suicide. Look for that news to probably come out on a Friday afternoon to reduce its news impact.

This despite the fact that reports state the convicted sex trafficker had a broken hyoid bone, which usually indicates strangulation as I wrote Thursday as well.

The determination is made without toxicological results since those tests takes far more time to run than the six days since the death.

More when the ME speaks.



  1. It’s all a Big Game, isn’t it?!!! 😉 I would say Dr. Katherine Horton has a good clue as to what actually happened here since she has lived within The System & found out how it really operates!!
    Is it REALLY being broken up or is it simply one set of Players against another set of Players???

    After what happened to JFK & the 9/11 disaster…..PLEASE tell me the American Public has been awakened to The Games that are played!!


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