Camera footage closest to Epstein’s cell is “unusable”

One of the CCTV cameras outside convicted child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein’s downtown Manhattan federal prison were he committed suicide on Aug. 10 has “unusable” footage, according to a report.

The Washington Post article cites anonymous sources with knowledge saying that the other cameras in the Metropolitan Correction Center have usable footage, but the closest camera to his death cell allegedly malfunctioned.

There was no further comment as to whether the camera was disabled or broken prior to Epstein’s fateful night.

The FBI and Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz office are both looking into the circumstances before and after Epstein’s body was discovered. It is unclear as well if the other cameras on the floor had any useful footage to shed light on the events prior to the death.

Federal Bureau of Prisons personnel are said to be uncooperative with the feds’ investigation. No federal authorities had comment on the report.