Greenland? Why Greenland Mr. President?

I’ve been scratching head for days trying to figure out why President Trump floated the idea of buying Greenland.

My first thought was it would be a hedge against climate change. We can’t extend our corn belt into Canada, but we could use Greenland’s vast mineral-rich soil along with other deposits to replace our crop output.

But that just seemed to out there, so I did some further research.

I was shocked to read that nearly 1 in 3 of the 56,000 inhabitants suffered from experiencing childhood sexual abuse in Greenland. The numbers are off the charts.

“Many children are victims of sexual abuse and experience violence in their homes. For many of them, this leads to a life full of problems and anxieties, which leads many young people to commit suicide,” Jonna Ketwa, president of the NGO Save the Children in Greenland, told AFP.

In 2018, 436 complaints of sexual offenses, 50 more than the previous year, were filed in Greenland, of which 20 percent concerned minors. That represents eight complaints per 1,000 inhabitants compared with 1.1 complaint per 1,000 in the rest of Denmark.

Given Trump’s crackdown on human trafficking and child abuse, did the President want to put the focus on Greenland by floating the purchase idea? Too hard to say and may be as misguided as my initial theory.

However, it does appear that Denmark is not providing the necessary funding or resources to solve this problem.

Trump canceled his planned trip to Denmark — slated for next month — while admonishing the Danish Prime Minister for her “absurd” remark to the sale. The president also pointed the finger a Denmark for holding up their end when it comes to funding NATO.


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