Obama spied on Trump over national security concerns: ex-prosecutor

It appears that high-ranking Obama administration officials have their game plan for defending themselves from spying on President Trump.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy was on Sean Hannity’s show last night saying that if Obama thought Trump was working with the Russians, it was his duty to launch a counterintelligence operation run through the FBI and Justice Department.

“What I’m saying is not that the president sits there and directs that there be counterintelligence investigations, McCarthy told Hannity. “What I’m saying is that unlike criminal investigations, counterintelligence investigations are done for the president.”

However, McCarthy did not address the major problem with this thesis, which is the entire reason for launching the counterintelligence operation was based on a lie perpetuated by the same FBI, DOJ and intelligence chiefs.

The fact that Obama was given daily intelligence briefings on the Trump campaign activities under the guise of national security is a ruse that will not be supported by the facts that the fraudulent counterintelligence operation was based on Hillary Clinton-supported opposition research.

I do find it interesting that they are tipping their hand now. I believe we are two weeks away from seeing the beginning of charges being brought by Attorney General Bill Barr against many known bad actors in the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other intelligence arms of the government.


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