NFL is running out of Luck

It appears the NFL has run out of Luck.

Andrew Luck that is. The Indianapolis Colt franchise quarterback announced his retirement on Saturday night.

Luck, 29, hung up his cleats because as he put it in a tearful statement “he hurts all over,” after playing five years in the league. The stunning announcement is yet another red flag for the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell.

Let me remind you of a post  I put up three years ago on the future of the NFL as well as a New York Post column I wrote here.

I don’t come to the idea of pro football being on the downside of its history and while I love the sport, there is too much human carnage to warrant its continuation.

Luck’s decision to walk away from a sport he has played for 20 years and has made a small fortune, speaks volumes of the future of the game. While he never mentioned CTE or brain trauma from his playing days, many injuries have led to his exiting the game.

Sure pro football may limp on just as boxing somehow is able to stage smaller and smaller events with limited media exposure and reduced purses. But revenue from the games have been lower over the last three years.

I don’t believe Luck will be the only player to step aside this season and I wish him well with his future.


1 thought on “NFL is running out of Luck

  1. Interesting notes about the NFL!! On an aside…..back in the 80’s I knew a woman who had been present at the Yale-Harvard Game in which a player was actually hurt so bad in that game, he died!! Of course, back then their gear was not as protective as today’s! Can’t say as I blame Luck for retiring…we each have to do what is best for our own lives!! 😉


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