I personally know the NYTimes Deutsche Bank story has nothing on Trump

Val Broeksmit, the stepson of dead Deutsche Bank executive William Broeksmit, has emerged as a minor player in the Deep State push to take down the Trump administration.

Desperate Rep. Adam Schiff, the House chair of the Intelligence Committee, was introduced to Val Broeksmit by singer Moby and attempted to work with Broeksmit to get the secret Deutsche files he has from his father.

I worked with Broeksmit some three years ago on an award-winning story and video exploring the rash of executive “suicides” at Deutsche Bank. I saw the documents in question at the time. While I was not looking for a Trump connection at the time, I do not recall any information on the President.

Broeksmit has been peddling these documents to any and all listeners as a way of financing his lifestyle. There was interesting data on Deutsche Bank Trust Company, which his father William was working with at the time of his death.

So now the New York Times in an effort to keep the Trump impeachment narrative alive has trotted out this story, which is very old and appears to be having no Trump information.

Very strange how far and wide this attempted Democratic coup will go.


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