Californacation is more than a state of mind.

How true has the term Californacation come to mean?

The state has truly been ficked by years of Democratic control.

From San Francisco’s human feces on the street app to turning power off to a large swath of the northern portion of the state, California has recently resembled a second-world existence.

Here is an apt definition: “Californication” refers to the bad aspects of California. It is a cross between the words “California,” and “fornication.”

This is a state so divided by politics that it has a perpetual ballot initiative to divide into three separate states.

As you go from Silicon Valley to Hollywood, the most bizarre lifestyle decisions are made by it denizens ranging from drug culture and deviant sexual activities all under the guise of them being better since they are creative geniuses.

As I wrote yesterday about Attorney General Bill Barr having the Justice Department investigate California House member Adam Schiff’s involvement with Democratic money man Ed Buck and his criminal charges of enticing homeless black men with drugs to his West Hollywood home for sex and their subsequent overdoses, this is not what 99.9% of Americans believe is right.

To be honest the number of state residents who believe the same thing is probably in the 99% range as well. But that remaining 1% grab all the headlines when things go south.

However, the Californacation crowd really don’t care what flyover America thinks as long as they go to their movies, download their apps and provide them with the means to lead their “Me First” lifestyle.

Recently, California has brought us a rash of scandals from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment of Hollywood actresses, the college application rigging fiasco and the $9 billion explosion of the Silicon Valley company Theranos, whose founder Elizabeth Holmes bilked investors in her “new invention”.

All of these and many more scandals show how the Californacation crowd believe the rules do not apply to them and as more evidence comes to light we will probably see that the ones  screaming the loudest about President Trump now will soon see their own demise.


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