Will Ukrainian president flip-flop on quid pro quo?

The impeachment inquiry has gone so south for Rep. Adam Schiff that Wednesday’s opening session should have some great procedural moves before it even starts.

Schiff has gathered testimony from staffers who not only were not on the call, but who did not see the transcript before it was declassified by Trump’s White House.

However, I think the Dems may have an ace in the hole. It’s just a matter of when they want to play it.

It appears from all the whistleblowers and other testimonies that you cannot have a quid pro quo if the Ukraine leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, doesn’t acknowledge it as is his opinion now.

As I have written in the past here and here the primary reason for the impeachment probe is to stop the Trump White House from looking into the decades-long corruption with US intelligence and deep state actors using Ukraine as a staging area for covert arms running to the Middle East and northern Africa.

The other Ukrainian point of contention not mentioned in the impeachment hearings is the the company Crowdstrike and its ties to the DNC, Hillary Clinton private computer servers.

So what happens when Ukrainian billionaires see this business going elsewhere? Will they pressure Zelensky, the 42-year-old former comedian, to flip-flop on his knowledge that the aid money was being held up?

There is too much cash and history on the line for these covert arms and energy deals to go away.

Keep that in the back of your mind as things move forward.


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