Dems swing and miss Day One of impeachment

I’m trying to figure which event was worse for the Democrats.

Was it Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “I don’t recall” mantra at his Congressional hearing on the Russian collusion report or was it Wednesday’s impeachment debacle?

I present this short clip to sum up how bad the first day went.

Here we have newly appointed member Rep Jim Jordan asking sworn witness William Taylor, Acting US Ambassador to Ukraine about the alleged quid pro quo.

The other witness was 27-year career veteran Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent.

Now Wednesday was not a good day for Rep Adam Schiff. He actually lied at one point stating he did not know who the whistleblower was after his staff has vetted him.

His two prime witnesses had no first-hand knowledge of the call nor where they ever in contact with President Trump or Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. Yet these two men spoke to the motives and methods while being queried by Democrats only to recant much upon cross-examination by Republicans.

Remember I told you weeks ago that this sham impeachment was just a way to get the focus off of the corrupt arms sales that was pushed through Ukraine to places in the Middle East and northern Africa.

I believe President Trump will release the transcript of his first call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky where he probably requested information on how four US Javelin missiles that were sold to France and moved through Ukraine wound in the hands of rebel fighters loyal to Gen. Khalifa Hifter in Libya earlier this year.

This sale is the tip of the iceberg as nuclear fuel from the former Soviet states was trafficked through Ukraine for many years. Why do you think Burisma, the largest Ukrainian energy company plays such a large role in this hearing?

What do you think Hunter Biden was put on the board of Burisma? Not for his knowledge of energy or his business acumen. No, he was more likely overseeing the company’s outside investments in arms and energy dealings.

Hunter Biden is joined with other sons of leading US politicians, who found themselves as leaders in the energy sector, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul, ex-Secretary of State John Kerry’s step son Christopher Heinz and Utah Senator Mitt Romney’s son Tagg.

It appears in many of these instances energy experience is not required.


3 thoughts on “Dems swing and miss Day One of impeachment

  1. unbelievable
    however,now the American people get to see the deep deep state slime that has been hiding under the rocks of the cia,fbi,doj,state dept

    take a good look at the faces of evil

    trump 2020!

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