Vindman pulled an Al Haig: I’m in charge, NOT

I believe I have a far better picture of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman after his testimony Tuesday in front of Rep. Adam Schiff’s House intelligence committee.

Rep. Jim Jordan pointed out to Vindman that testimony from his superiors in the NSA held him in low regard with a false sense of self import for his position. Vindman’s statements that he was the point man on all things Ukraine, demonstrates this delusion.

It also tips to his being behind the leaks about the call with Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky since it countered his thoughts on the future of Ukraine. I would venture the leak  had more to do with President Trump putting Ukraine corruption into an investigation cross hairs.

We have Vindman’s testimony that he spoke to the whistle blower soon after the call. We also have his testimony that the President did not follow his talking points on the call. Here is a middle-level NSA staffer thinking he has a right to say Trump did not use his talking points.

Only later did he admit that the president has the right to conduct foreign policy.

I bring up this last point because it points to Vindman’s super ego and how the Democrats made such laudatory pronouncements over it.

Vindman received a Purple Heart for being wounded in a combat zone. I applaud his service, however later on in his testimony he said he was back with his unit a few hours after the injury.

I wish I could have asked Vindman one question, which would point to his real involvement in Ukraine. I would ask, “Lt. Col. Vindman do you know Igor Korval?”

Korval is the nuclear energy expert in the Ukraine. As I wrote Tuesday this impeachment is all about covering up the covert trading of nuclear fuel rods all over the Middle East, Central Asia and Northern Africa.

An affirmative answer to that question would have uncovered Schiff’s whole proceeding for what it is. Not quid pro quo, but preserving status quo.


3 thoughts on “Vindman pulled an Al Haig: I’m in charge, NOT

  1. High Five, Michael!!!! It seems we have a generational type of system where there has been a networking system preparing certain persons for their “role” in the Shadow Gov’t. The majority of Americans have been “asleep” ever since the complex Pres. Eisenhower warned us about was put into operation!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Take a listen to what Harry Booyens of South Africa has been trying to point out to us……..what happened there can happen to us!! Check out his book, “AmahBulu”.


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