Ukrainian nuclear “bomb” could take down Deep State

As I wrote Wednesday Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s impeachment inquiry testimony appeared to be less than forthright. It seemed to be couched in subterfuge, especially when it came to his lack of knowledge concerning Burisma the Ukrainian energy company.

Recall I wrote on Tuesday:

Remember what I have said all along with this Ukrainian operation. These charges against Trump are to cover up decades of arms and nuclear energy stockpiling in Ukraine to ship to countries from Afghanistan to northern Africa for purposes of regime change.

Is this how President Trump wound up with Rex Tillerson as his first Secretary of State? Since he was the former chairman and chief executive officer of ExxonMobil it did not make sense then, but the reason is clearing up now.

Vindman complained about the call with Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky because the President did not stick to the talking points. He then said he did not go to his superior to complain. He instead took his complaint to an entrenched member of National Security Council — not his boss who only started less than a month earlier.

It appears Vindman’s complaint and his admission of altering the transcript may extend to deleting references to a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Odessa, Ukraine. This LNG plant and its use of nuclear power to drive the plant is the reason we have the impeachment proceeding. Don’t look here, look at the quid pro quo.

This is why I wrote Wednesday I would have one question for Vindman. My query, “Do you know Igor Korval? Korval is the Ukraine nuclear guru for portable energy.

When Vindman said he was the Ukraine go-to guy, it appears he is when it comes to covert nuclear power deals.

Let’s see how much more information on the LNG plant comes out during the Thursday testimony of David Holmes, a Kiev-based State Department official. Holmes seems to have a social media connection to Igor Korval.


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