Epstein’s ghost will haunt Buckingham Palace

How soon will it be before Prince Andrew is locked up in the Tower of London or banished to some awful castle in the Hebrides?

The royal family cannot continue to have daily blaring headlines depicting horrendous abuse.

On Monday teen sex trafficking victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre told the BBC how horrific her experience was being forced to have sex with Randy Andy at Ghislaine Maxwell’s flat in London when she was 17 years old.

How far and wide this scandal goes depends on how Buckingham Palace acts. But that is not easy since Prince Charles has his own connections to an earlier sex trafficker named Jimmy Savile, who was knighted.

How much “stiff upper lip” must the British public put up with before questions begin getting raised about the worth of the royal institution?

I do not see it happening today, however should this royal scandal continue into 2020, I could see Queen Elizabeth stepping down and installing Prince William onto the throne to chase away probing questions of her sons.

I believe this could very well happen as further evidence comes out in other court cases still to come in this Epstein saga.


3 thoughts on “Epstein’s ghost will haunt Buckingham Palace

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