Comey shows just how deep the swamp is

Disgrace former FBI Director James Comey testified Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee for his alleged illegal actions during the Russian collusion case.

Comey told Chairman Lindsey Graham, ‘In the main, it was done by the book, it was appropriate and it was essential that it be done.’

“What do we do — we just say that was bad, that’s the way it goes? Does anybody get fired? Does anybody go to jail?’ Graham retorted.

Graham was referencing Comy’s staff using the bogus Steele Dossier to spy on American citizens working on the Trump presidential campaign. Newly released federal documents show that Comey was working with the Obama administration to not only spy on the Trump campaign, but to set up Lt. Gen Michael Flynn.

In a sign that shows just how deep the swamp is, while Comey was defending his seemingly treasonous acts, his son-in-law, Lucas Issacharoff, was named lead lawyer for the feds in Manhattan on the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

In a letter to the judge hearing the Maxwell case Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss, dated Wednesday, stated that she was leaving the SDNY and that Issacharoff would replace her on the case. There are no reports however stating Issacharoff would be the new acting federal attorney in Manhattan.

Issacharoff is married to Comey’s daughter, Maurene, who was co-lead lawyer on the Jeffrey Epstein case prior to his death.

As I have said many times there are no coincidences.