Pelosi may double-dip on impeachment hearings in the House

So what has become of the President Trump impeachment?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still holding the two articles as leverage over Trump, but will not pass them off to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Pelosi and Democratic leaders in the Senate want a trial with witnesses — but only their own witnesses — not Joe or Hunter Biden or anyone else that will show real collusion between Ukraine and US politicians.

Not sure McConnell wants to open that can of worms either since there is Republicans who were also involved with illegal arms sales in the Ukraine as well. Not sure you can ring fence the illegal operations to one party.

This is the main reason Pelosi was not so keen on impeachment since it could lead down a path to destruction for many in Washington including herself and her family.

Interestingly on Monday news broke that Russian spies hacked into the Ukraine energy company Burisma where Hunter Biden was a board member. Is this a smokescreen to project the “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative that Democrats keep chanting?

What I see happening is Pelosi will hold onto the articles stating that she may reopen the House investigation as “new information has come to light” to smear Trump once again.

This way the Democrats will control the proceedings and the narrative once again.


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