Vindmans’ White House exit was long time coming

President Trump did the right thing when it comes to cleaning the house of intelligence and diplomatic agents running covert operations to bring down his administration.

I wrote this 6 months ago about Lt. Col. Alex Vindman and his two brothers. His twin Lt. Col. Yevgheny Vindman, who also was in President Trump’s White House and their older brother, Leonid Vindman, who worked as an international financier.

Leonid Vindman was involved in Unicredit Group’s $1.3 billion criminal fine in 2019 from the US Justice Department for violating trading sanctions by trafficking nuclear energy materials to Libya and Iran.

Alex Vindman testifying before the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearings explained to Rep. Devin Nunes that he could not say who he spoke to about the July 25th call.  This is because he gave second-hand information of the call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to the whistle blower.

Alex Vindman also has ties to the Atlantic Council, just like many of his fellow “witnesses” in the House hearings. One specific time Alex was reprimanded by a superior officer in the Ukraine for speaking Russian to a Ukrainian official bad mouthing his fellow US officers. Let’s not forget that he was also offered the Defense Minister’s position for the Ukraine government.

One other odd instance involving the Vindman twins. They were featured in a 1985 Ken Burns documentary on Brighton Beach, Brooklyn and its influx of former Soviet Union  emigrates.

For all the reasons cited above I believe President Trump’s team made the right decision. Even if in a month’s time or so this becomes the nexus of a new article of impeachment.


2 thoughts on “Vindmans’ White House exit was long time coming

  1. Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!! 😉 Let’s weed out ALL the traitors who have chosen to side against a Law & Order USA!!! Amazing Polly did a great recent video on following the threads to all this money laundering system that has been built up for decades!! She also did a good one on the Vindmans. The “takedown from the Inside” was in planning for decades & almost succeeded…..stay awake Patriots!!!


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