Beck’s show is good, but does not go far enough

==================== SPECIAL SATURDAY POST =======================

I just finished watching Glenn Beck’s third installment of his Ukraine investigation. The program is highly informational for people just coming to this subject.

However my readers have had most of this information and more for almost a year.

This segment picks up where Hunter Biden is named to the Burisma board of directors and attempts to find the billions lost through money laundering in Ukraine to simplify the narrative.

Beck probes into energy company Burisma and its founder Igor Kolomoisky with his gangland operation through his ownership of PrivatBank.

The program suggests that the Obama administration was using Kolomoisky as a backdoor operative to covertly fund a war with Russia. The billions in aid and loan guarantees were used to buy arms.

What my readers know is that the unaccountable billions were allegedly funneled back to US operatives associated with the think tank The Atlantic Council. The same Atlantic Council that supplied many of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearing with witnesses.

This perfectly explains why Vice President Joe Biden — with the blessing of President Obama — wanted Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired. Not protecting Burisma or Hunter, but protecting the Obama White House from its connections with Kolomoisky.

Beck also touches on CrowdStrike and suggests a reason why President Trump raised it on the infamous June 25th call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Not because of the conspiracy theory, but because of corruption and he cites a private investigation firm’s report in the Hunter Biden paternity suit in Arkansas.

I’m afraid that comes up a little short why Trump raised the issue.

CrowdStrike housed the servers that holds all the encrypted Blackberry communications on the arms and drug deals running out of the Ukraine.

The media of course jumped on the “Russia, Russia, Russia” conspiracy to steer any in depth look at the CrowdStrike servers. This stems from the debunked theory CrowdStrike is  alledging that the Russians hacked the CrowdStrike servers to get at Hillary Clinton’s emails.

So, I believe this presentation is a good start along with his two earlier presentations, the real corruption goes from Kiev all the way to the Obama White House.

I’m not sure if Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have the stomach for that.


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