Putting Covid-19 outbreak in perspective

Just over 300 people died on Sunday in the US from the flu. Only one had the coronavirus.

This is the perspective we need to take on the Covid-19 outbreak. There were no news stories about those 300 lost souls.

However, there is far more hype and hysteria propagated by the media on the outbreak that it does not allow people to have an understanding of the true ramifications.

That being said, the headlines this morning are blaring about New York City’s first confirmed case. A husband and wife traveled back from Iran.

Of course New York City certainly has more than two people with the virus. The odds are certainly stacked in the favor. So what type of panic would occur should the Health Department announce a thousand cases tomorrow?

Well that will happen sometime soon given that New York has many ethnically diverse communities with people traveling back and forth to their home countries.

That will be the time for true leadership in New York. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening with either New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio or Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Let’s hope cooler heads prevail so we do not have to be panicked and rush into bad decisions that can effect the entire country like shutting down the stock market or closing Broadway plays.

Remember 300 people died yesterday in the US from the run of the mill flu.


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