New York’s state of mind

So the situation in New York City this week is one that deteriorates every 24 hours with further declarations of gloom and doom.

The city will begin a lock down on Sunday with only grocery and drug stores open. Travel beyond these locations is forbidden, however I am not sure at this point how and who would enforce these new rules.

Outdoor exercise is limited to single people. No group sports or activities outdoors.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office determined what are the essential businesses that may remain open besides grocery and drug stores.

Blaring headlines on Saturday suggest that more than one person is dying an hour and that new Covid-19 cases are increasing, which makes sense since testing has expanded.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has designated New York State as a Major Disaster Declaration, which frees up additional federal funding. The latest statistics detail that New York City has more than 7,500 confirmed cases and 10,300 in the state. There have been 56 deaths recorded on Friday.

I was out and about Friday picking up groceries and the atmosphere was one of large crowds in the stores but it was very orderly but you could feel the concern. No talking between customers in a neighborhood store just nods and waves as people kept their distance.

There were a few more car horns than I normally hear, which could point to a growing lack of patience by some when not face-to-face.

Surely New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is not showing much in his leadership role and that certainly adds to the attitude of the city. His “do as I say, not what I do” dictates has reportedly even irked his own staff.

As the days will turn into weeks under this uncertainty, I am hoping New Yorkers will show their true colors and become more of a community as witnessed after the 9-11 attacks.


1 thought on “New York’s state of mind

  1. Turn the economy back on and take the casualties as more will die sooner from the hysteria endlessly whipped into ever more intense frenzy by mayors, governors, and ‘responsible’ media shriekers.
    Possibly this will be a sobering experience for society as death being part of life must be reconciled. Immortality, eternal youth and health were always nonsense and fabricated deceptions.


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