BREAKING: Covid-19 alternative source to pandemic

The conventional wisdom of Covid-19 pandemic is that it originated in Wuhan, China.

There’s contention whether it came from the nearby Bio-level-4 Viral Lab or from the largest wet-market selling all types of wild animals for human consumption.

While the Trump White House and Beijing trade accusations of how the virus was released, I want to talk about another possibility for the release.

Now certainly I am not the only person who knows this potential cause of the contagion, it has not been reported by any major media outlets.

In late October 2019 in Wuhan the Chinese government hosted The Military Games. This is an Olympic-type sports competition between some 110 countries armed forces athletes.

Prior to October at Fort Detrick, which is one of the US Bio-level-4 Viral Labs, in Frederick, Maryland reportedly had one of two breaches of containment, according to the Centers of Disease and Prevention Control (CDC), The Military Times reports.

As a result of the breaches the installation was shuddered for a time and is only now beginning to come back online.

Now according to reports, two US military officers (a married couple) who are based at Fort Detrick attended the Military Games in Wuhan. I put no motive to this action but only suggest an alternative to the original source of the contagion.

If you look at the spread of the pandemic and the inability for many countries to identify its patient zero, then the participants at the sports competition returning to 110 countries could possible explain the mass global spread.

Let me reiterate that the Trump administration had vehemently denied having any ties to the Covid-19 virus and its subsequent outbreak and asserts that its origin lies in China.

I post this story here to alert my readers to all aspects of this pandemic.


6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Covid-19 alternative source to pandemic

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