We need unity, not mutiny, in Covid-19 war

This is not the time for sniping between Democrats and Republicans.

Many Americans are alone and quite possible frighten by the daily news of the Covid-19 virus to the point where politics has no place in their lives.

Leadership and community are what is needed now. Partisan politics from our leaders at the federal and state levels needs to be stopped. Working together, showing a unified force to combat the enemy — Covid-19 — needs to be the rallying cry.

Laying out accomplishments and battle plans with clear objectives should be the order of the day on all levels.

There are everyday heroes putting their lives on the line to provide aid, comfort and services that society needs. We do not need to add more stress and complications to their lives. We do not need for them to question their involvement in the battle because our leaders are too busy playing politics to provide them with the tools they need to fight the good fight.

It’s bad enough that Americans are confronted with daily growing numbers of infected and dead from the virus, they do not need to fell helpless because their leaders are propping up their actions at the expense of the other party.

I am putting a link here to a Google Doc that updates daily a number of categories on the Covid-19 outbreak for both the world and the US. Glance at it once a day to see when the curve flattens and we are on the other side of this pandemic.

We will get through this pandemic eventually, but how we come out of it depends on our leadership to provide much needed confidence and unity. Because the alternative is not the world we want or need.


1 thought on “We need unity, not mutiny, in Covid-19 war

  1. Right on, Michael!!! Trouble is…..the Dark Side doesn’t care how many people are hurt!! For a very good update on the War we are living through, check out Project Camelot with Kerry. She puts it all quite succinctly. Of course, the underlying assumption has to be that we are not “alone” in this Universe & never HAVE been. If you don’t assume that, don’t even bother to listen to what she has to say!! šŸ˜‰ People will be forced to choose between Dark or Light….which side does one wish to support. Think about it!! The entire world is being put under Lockdown….and for WHAT??? Do any of us really KNOW what is going on??!!!


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